Pet Health Care

Maxler Professional Nail Trimmer

  • Heavy-duty 160mm stainless steel
  • with ergonomic soft touch grips, complete with safety guide and locking lever.
  • Keep your pet's nails properly trimmed to enhance comfort and well-being.

Price: R 190.00 Inc VAT

Maxler Dog Groomers Mini Ear Forceps and Tick Remover

  • The ideal tool for removing unwanted hair from your pets ears.
  • Can be used also with a cotton swab when cleaning the ears.

Price: R 220.00 Inc VAT

Styptic Powder

  • Styptic powder for pets instantly halts bleeding from broken nails and minor superficial cuts or nails that have been trimmed too short.
  • Should not be used on deep wounds.
  • Net Weight 14 grams

Price: R 336.00 Inc VAT