Brushes and Combs

Ultimate Touch Mini Slicker Wire Brush has been designed especially for pets with sensitive skin and delicate coats to easily remove dead and unwanted hair.
The Four Paws pet slicker brush helps to effectively remove dead hair from your pet's undercoat while maintaining the topcoat.
Use gently allowing the slicker to ease through matted hair and tangles, leaving your pet with a healthy and shiny coat.
This brush has a professional non-slip grip and is available in two sizes: small, & medium.

Comb with handle 7.00 Inch Price: R95.00 Inc VAT
Ultimate Touch Slicker Brush - Gentle Small Price: R165.30 Inc VAT
Ultimate Touch Slicker Brush - Gentle MediAT Price: R176.70 Inc VAT
Slicker brush large andis Price: R195.00 Inc VAT